Fall Clean-Up Checklist

Tree cutting and removal with chainsaw

It’s the Autumn season, and your yard is getting to be a little crowded with debris.  You also are thinking of losing those dead stumps and trees before you have to worry about it in the Spring.

Here are some things to think about for a fall clean-up:

Cleaning up the yard

You have some overgrown shrubs, and you want them to be trimmed or cleared out. Your yard could have so much weed growth in your garden and yard that needs to be removed before the pests settle there in the cooler months in Florida. Take the initiative to weed and tidy up the garden.  This will give you relief when Spring rolls around.

Stumps and Trees

If you have tree stumps that are an eye sore to you, remove them.  Southeast Land Clearing can grind these stumps down, so that you don’t have to look at them.  This will also help with the health and beauty of your property. We also will remove those unhealthy and damaged trees that can cause problems in the future.  If you have any damaged and unhealthy trees, it is recommended to remove them right away, so that there is no chance of a fallen tree on your house or property in severe weather conditions.

Property Line Clean-up

Many property lines consist of overgrowth, which can cause an annoyance when determining where your property line actually lies. Cleaning this up will help with future projects if you’re trying to build or add something on your land.  Of course, you will have to get a land survey done, but this just helps to make it easier.

Southeast Land Clearing

Southeast Land Clearing offers a variety of residential land clearing services in Milton, FL to help clear your property assets of uncontrollable vegetation, debris, and materials. We also offer Hurricane and Storm Debris Removal. In case of this happening, we can help you regain the property you once had.

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