Everything You Need to Know About Forestry Mulching

A machine mulches a wooded area

If you own a large piece of property, you probably know how hard it is to maintain it on its own. And, of course, the consequences of not maintaining the land are not something you want to deal with. That’s why so many pay professionals to clear the land.

If you fall into that category, it might be wise for you to consider forestry mulching as the form of land clearing to use. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, here are a few things you should know:

How Does it Work?

The process of forestry mulching is a simple one in modern times – a single machine (depending on the size of the job) cuts, grinds, and clears vegetation, and then spreads the mulch created by that vegetation over that same area. This will leave the ground covered with a layer of organic material all in a single pass.

What is the Upside?

Traditional land clearing processes can sometimes leave the ground bare and unprotected, which can lead to soil erosion. And they tend to take longer leading to more equipment needed and more hours of manual labor. Forestry mulching requires significantly less time and labor. Smaller plots of lands can be cleared and mulched in a single afternoon, while large ones can be cleared and mulched at the rate of 15 acres per day.

What Are Some Other Benefits?

Forestry mulching is beneficial to your land in multiple ways. For starters, it can help prevent forest fires, which are unfortunately becoming increasingly common in the summer months. The process reduces the risk of fire by eliminating small, leafy plants as well as fallen and rotten trees. It can also help cut down on invasive species by removing plants such as red cedar, Russian olive, and tamarisk, which can soak up a lot of ground water. Meanwhile, invasive insects that can kill trees are also eliminated.

But one of the most important elements is soil health. Forestry mulching will not disturb soil nor desirable vegetation as much as other land clearing methods. The mulched material will be left on the ground to act as a barrier to erosion.

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