What Forestry Mulching Can do for Your Property

Natural Wood mulch

Forestry mulching is a land clearing process that comes with many potential benefits for your property. The process is a simple and streamlined one – a single machine (depending on the size of the job) cuts, grinds, and clears vegetation and then spreads mulch over that same area.

This process can be exceptionally beneficial beyond just the obvious aesthetic appeal of having your land cleared. Here’s what forestry mulching can do for your property:

Cuts Down on Invasive Species

One of the best benefits of forestry mulching is it cuts down on invasive species. These include troublesome plants like tamarisk, red cedar, Russian olive, and more that can soak up a tremendous amount of ground water. Removing some of these plants both re-establishes the native habitat and preserves the water table. Invasive insects, which mulching similarly fights against, can also cause quite a few problems for forests, killing trees.

Prevent Fires

In the warm weather months, forest fires are a risk in many of the hotter areas of the country, destroying acres of land, displacing wildlife, and even spreading to homes. Mulching can help reduce the risk of those fires. The process eliminates small leafy plants, as well as fallen and rotten trees, eliminating the fuel sources for the fire. If left alone, these can even form a ladder for the fire to reach the treetops and spread even more quickly, making mulching all the more important.

Soil Health

Yet another benefit to mulching is there’s not as much disturbance of soil and desirable vegetation when compared with other land clearing methods. While other methods can disturb the soil by uprooting tree stumps and roots, mulching will leave it intact. Meanwhile, the mulched material will be left on the ground to serve as a barrier to erosion while also returning nutrients to the soil through the process of decomposition.

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