How To Know When You Need Land Leveling Done

A backhoe lifts up dirt in a land leveling effort near a home

When you own a home or business and the land surrounding it, the level of your land may be a more important consideration than you realize at first. It’s not just for aesthetic purposes either, it’s practical. Having uneven land can lead to damage to the foundation of your home or business. Luckily, there are some easy ways to tell that your land needs leveling:

Visual Clues

Sometimes it isn’t difficult to tell that your land needs leveling. For example, your lawn should very gradually slope away from your home or business. If it isn’t sloping at all, or if it’s actually sloping the other way, that’s an issue. It can lead to quite serious foundation damage to your home or business. You might also notice such issues as ruts, low spots, slopes and rodent holes, which can pose an injury risk to anyone traversing the land.

Standing Water

There’s no reason for there to be standing water on your land for an extended period of time. As stated above, your land should be designed to slope water away from your home or business in the event of a rainstorm. But that doesn’t mean it should pool in random areas across your landscape. Consistent standing water is the surest sign that you should have land leveling work done on your property.

Outside Factors

Even if you haven’t had any other issues or you’ve had your land professionally leveled in the past, outside factors within and outside of your control could cause your land to become uneven or not properly level. These include choices you make such as adding a pool or similar feature or tree or brush removal. Other causes could be sewer installations, the growth of tree roots and damage from animals.

If you’re in need of land leveling services, you can count on the professionals at Southeast Land Clearing. We can level and re-slope your land to help you avoid any potential damage while also improving the look of your property. Call us at 850-665-4867 today to learn more about our services.