Problems Caused by Uneven Land

Standing water in a backyard

If you own land of any size, chances are you want it to look as nice as possible. But elements of nature can cause your land to become uneven, which can make it look bad while causing a whole host of other problems. Here are just a few of the problems that can be caused by uneven ground:


Uneven ground on your property can take a number of forms, including ruts, lumps, rodent holes, low spots and slopes. Any of these can be hazardous to anyone traversing the property, including yourself. These holes and ruts provide an easy way to twist your ankle or do even worse damage to your leg. Level ground is safe ground.

Foundation Issues

Uneven ground isn’t just unsafe for your yard, it’s a threat to anything built on that land. Low areas in your yard can collect water during heavy rainfalls. This erodes the soil and limestone and can cause sinkholes, which, in turn, can destabilize the foundation of your home or business. Eventually, this may lead to your home or business beginning to tilt or the walls can start to buckle.

Sloping Issues

It’s important to not just ensure that the land is level, but that it’s graded properly. For example, the slope of your land is an important consideration. Water should flow away from your home after a rainstorm, but not in a way that does damage to your soil or your land. To ensure as little damage as possible, the direction, speed and flow of the water should be exactly right.

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