Tips on Cleaning Up the Leaves in Your Yard

Cleaning up leaves with a leaf blower

The fall can be stressful when leaves are falling from the trees and you have to decide to get out and do some yard work when you’d rather be relaxing. No one enjoys raking leaves and putting them into piles near the road, but it should be done. Here are some tips to help you clean up those leaves without any stress.

Use a Leaf Mower – If you’re cleaning up a big collection of leaves, you may want to rent or buy a leaf mower. You basically mow the lawn, but instead of the machine cutting the grass, it’s collecting and mulching the leaves. It shoots it into the bag that’s attached, which you then empty out when it’s full.

Leaf Blowers – The leaf blower is a very convenient piece of equipment for clearing out the leaves. You can use this to move the leaves to the end of the lawn next to the street. Once you get the piles close to the road, then you can rake them closer into tight piles. This is a very simple way to clean up your yard.

Raking into a Tarp – The old school raking can be annoying, but there is an easier way to go about this process. The best thing to do is to get a large tarp and rake the leaves onto the tarp. Then, wrap up the leaves and drag them to the end of the yard next to the road. Many people won’t want to clean up the yard this way, but this is the cheapest and simplest way to do so.

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