Essentials for a Healthy Yard

mowing a healthy lawn

Some habits you have for cleaning up your yard may not be the best ones to keep doing.  Many people don’t realize what is good or bad for their lawn, and we want to make sure that you are aware of all the good and the bad.  Here are some of the better habits you should be keeping up with.

Lawn Mower Blade – a dull lawn mower blade will rip out the grass blades, rather than slicing them clean, which can be a stress factor to the lawn.  It’s recommended to sharpen your blade every season to keep your lawn in the best shape possible.

Watering the Lawn – too much water is no good for your lawn. It’s hard to tell with watering because there may be times when you get a good amount of rain, and you won’t have to water the lawn for a few days. Water the lawn once a week for an hour instead of multiple times a week.

No Buzzcuts – It’s not a good idea to cut your grass too short. You want to keep it on the longer side because shorter glass blades don’t generate as much food. Weeds will grow less if the blades are longer because they act as a shade for the soil.

Grass Clippings – grass clippings actually help keep your lawn healthy.  Plus, you won’t have to clean up the clippings anymore.

Wet Grass – Don’t mow your lawn when it is wet because this will leave ruts from the wheels in your yard. Plus, it will be a pain to clean the mower deck if you just recently mowed a wet lawn.

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