Emergency Storm Cleanup in Florida Panhandle: Why We Do It

The Gulf Coast of Florida is a beautiful place to live, boasting warm temperatures year-round. For many, this particular region is even viewed as a popular vacation destination. However, the Gulf Coast can also experience devastating storms, the most recent of which being Hurricane Michael. Considered to be a high-end Category 4 storm by the National Hurricane Center, many residents are still dealing with the aftermath of when this storm tore its way through the Florida Panhandle this past October.

To be classified as a Category 5 hurricane, wind-speeds need to reach 157 mph. Hurricane Michael peaked at 155 mph, just shy of a higher status that would provide more aid to the region.

While disaster relief organizations, like FEMA, work tirelessly to help those in need, they can only do so much and there are still many home and business owners struggling to clean up and move on.

Because of this, many of those on the Gulf Coast and Florida Panhandle are taking on the burden alone, doing their best to clear the debris and deal with the destruction on their own. That’s why Southeast Land Clearing encourages locals to consider our storm and disaster cleanup services. Based in Milton, FL, we have seen the effects of Hurricane Michael firsthand and are here to remind our neighbors that we are here to help. Natural storms do more than cause physical destruction; they take a mental toll on those whose lives are turned upside down.

We know you have enough to deal with as you try to rebuild. With heavy-duty equipment and a team of experts who have been providing land clearing and tree removal services to the community for years, we can help to take some of the burden off your plate and get you one step closer to rebuilding.