Dead Tree Stumps are Dangers to Your Property

Dead tree stumps hanging around your land can be a danger to your property. Not only do they look horrendous sitting on your lawn, but they’re also a safety hazard for your family and friends who may be walking on your property. A dead tree stump can also attract unwanted pests and diseases that can lead to horrible issues to your land in the near future.

Disease and Infestation from Tree Stumps

A tree stump will eventually decompose from a long and mess process. This will make them look even worse on your land, but the real issue is they can attract termites and carpenter ants to come in and make the tree stump their home. These pests can migrate to your house causing more problems you don’t ever want.

Another problem dead tree stumps can have is the growth of toxic fungi, which can cause unhealthy diseases that can spread and kill other trees or plants around the area.

Physical Dangers

Having dead tree stumps on your property can cause dangers to guests or your family walking, running, or enjoying being outside on your land. It’s a tripping hazard that is waiting for the right moment. You never want your kids or even guests to trip over a tree stump that is left on your property.

Southeast Land Clearing

At Southeast Land Clearing, we know what it’s like to deal with dead tree stumps, and that is why we offer a removal service for your dead tree stumps on your land. We can express enough about the benefits of getting these horrendous eye sores off your property. From health benefits to removing hazards on your property, we can make it happen. Contact Southeast Land Clearing at 850-665-4867 today or visit us online for more information!