Construction Site Preparation for Your Next Project

building a level patio

Home projects are exciting whether it’s putting up a shed, patio, deck, etc. You’ll have to make sure you’re prepared before starting the project. Construction Site Preparation is recommended before starting to make sure that your land is perfect for the construction. Doing this will make your project go much more smoothly!

Land Clearing

Land clearing with Southeast Land Clearing will get your site prepared for the next creative project. We specialize in all aspects of getting your land in perfect condition. If you’re land is overgrown with vegetation, tree stumps, and brush, we’ll come in and clear it out. The benefit of hiring us will give you the stress-relief you need because we all know that new house projects can give you plenty of stress.

Tree & Stump Removal

There may be extra trees or stumps that are in the way of your new construction plan. We have the expertise with our licensed and insured team to remove those “in the way” trees and stumps. We have the latest equipment and tools to clear your land of those unwanted trees and stumps.

Land Grading and Excavation

This is a must if you’re looking to add to your property. If your land is looking a little uneven, it might be time to call us to come in and help level it out. When it comes to installing a patio, deck, or any other walkway, ground level is extremely important. For example, when adding a flagstone patio, the level of ground plays a big role, especially for drainage. Southeast Land Clearing will be able to come in and level the land out. This is recommended for site development as well, so if you land which you are planning to build on, this is a vital service.

The same goes for our residential excavation services!

Southeast Land Clearing

Southeast Land Clearing provides residential land clearing services from our team of licensed and insured professionals. We have the skills and experience to transform your land or lot into a safe and usable space. Contact Southeast Land Clearing at 850-665-4867 today!